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Deaf people generally have poorer health than hearing people, this is because access to health services and information isn’t routinely provided in sign language.

There are a range of support services in Doncaster to improve access to information for Deaf people who have particular health or social care needs or concerns.

How can I help someone?

There are lots of reasons why someone may feel emotionally unwell – sad, stressed, anxious or depressed. Causes can include lack of mental health support and health services – as well as everyday stresses like money problems, health issues and employment difficulties. For the deaf and hard of hearing members of the community, these problems are amplified.

It is important to show the person you care about how concerned you are and tell them that you are worried about them. If you think someone is unwell:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask how they are.
  • Spend time with the person you care about – this shows them you care, and can help you understand what they’re going through.
  • Ask them how you can help – maybe arrange an appointment to see their GP, support service or help them with daily tasks such as cleaning the house or doing their food shopping.
  • Be open-minded – try not to judge them
  • Show trust and respect – this will help them to rebuild and maintain a sense of self-esteem. This can also help you to cope a bit better if you can see your support having a positive impact on the person you care about.
  • Look after yourself – Supporting someone else can sometimes be stressful. Make sure that you look after your own wellbeing so that you have the energy, time and distance you need to be able to help.
  • Get support – You might be entitled to social care support from Doncaster Council to help you care for your friend or family member.

Local support

Find local deafness support around Doncaster

Tel: 01763 291211


Clarion UK are the sole providers to Doncaster Council enabling Deaf individuals equal access to services across the borough. The team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Tel: 07777 649054


The Society offers unique services to British Sign Language Users and their families. 
The Society’s work covers Advocacy, Deaf Rights, Equality, overseeing the Health, Well Being and Training of Vulnerable deaf people.

Tel: 01302 386700


It’s our mission to provide outstanding specialist education and care services for people who are deaf or have other communication difficulties and learning disabilities.

Hearing aids are provided by the National Health Service.  Contact your doctor who may refer you to Hearing Rehabilitation Centre, Sandringham Surgery, Level 1, Sandringham Road, Intake, Doncaster DN2 5JH.

If you already have a Health Service hearing aid there is:-

Replacement batteries supplied by post: – Contact Hearing Centre 

Repair service by appointment only: at Hearing Rehabilitation Centre, Sandringham Road.  You can access this service by voice (01302) 644950,  Textphone 07796174900 or email at


The South Yorkshire Service for Deaf People with Mental Health Needs works with mental health teams to support the care and treatment for Deaf people. We also work with Deaf and hearing carers to support them in looking after their relatives with mental health problems.

Tel: 01302 737701



Drop-in service: Advice/Information Monday 10:30-11:30am, Deaf Centre, Milton Walk, St James Street, Doncaster DN1 3QS

Provides services for adults with a hearing impairment.

National support organisations

See what national support is available for deafness.

If you are deaf or can’t verbally communicate

You can register with the emergencySMS service. Text REGISTER to 999. You will get a text which tells you what to do next. Do this when it is safe so you can text when you are in danger.

Tel: 07539 877357

Text: 07736 835445


Deaf4Deaf is a team of Mental Health Counsellors & Psychotherapists aiming to help people receive counselling in the preferred communication style of choice.  NHS Applications are available for FREE to you counselling.

If you need help urgently but are not at risk of death or serious illness, use the NHS 111 non-emergency advice online: 111 Advice online

You can also use the: NHS 111 British Sign Language (BSL) Service


Text DEAF to 85258

Free text message service to support deaf people who are in crisis. Deaf people who need help with urgent issues such as suicidal thoughts, abuse or assault, self-harm, bullying or relationship issues will now be able to access support immediately.

Tel: 020 3947 2600

SMS/Text message: 07966 976749



SignHealth is a charity dedicated to making sure Deaf people get the same sort of access as hearing people to healthcare and health information.

Support Apps

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